Our test begun on March 26 at 4:oo pm. For the next six days and nights we controlled pressure in a hole B. Water was injected by a new system. Idea of this system appeared few weeks before the test and it is based on pumping system with two gas buffers (pic.1). Those buffers are installed for minimize unstability during adjusting pressure in borehole B (pic.2). The gas used in the buffers was Nitrogen.

Flaw rate we estimate by weight changes by a load-cell installed with the water tank.

Pic.1 Water injection system FIT Mar/Apr 2007. 1- water tank; 2- water pump; 3- first buffer; 4- second buffer; 5- wellhead B.

Fluid Injection Test 2007

Pic.2 1- pressure control valve; 2- wellhead B.
For first few days system worked well, with a flaw rate around 1~2 l/h. Two working shifts- two people each, controlled whole system.