FIT 2007


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A load-cell and a buffer.
Prof. Hidemi Tanaka-san with assistants.
Prof. Hidemi Tanaka-san with assistants.
Oops! Quite heavy...
Taiwan-Japan cooperation facing the pressure.
Pressure gauge, valves and moto-system installed to the buffer.
photos by Geo-Jack
Hmm.. . Quite interesting...
Pressure gauge installed to the out-going gas valve.
Monitoring pressure changes while operating a gas valve.
Pressure changes after manipulating of the gas valve.
Wellhead B before installing FIT system.
Installing the FIT system.
Polemic for mosquitos existence.
Still working...
At night...
Broken piston from a water pump (after pre-FIT/ before main_FIT).
Beginning of the main FIT 4:00 pm 26/03/07.
The water tank, pump and first buffer with a Nitrogen cylinder.
Wellhead B with injection system.
Adjusting the pressure.
The pressure control valve and wellhead B.
Pressure control and recording data headquarters.
Relaxation the pressure.
Releasing Nitrogen from the buffer.
We are controlled by best.
The buffer and gas cylinder.
Our drillsite.
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